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Manual arc welding method
1)Linear strip method. Linear transport method is often used to weld groove. The butt of the first layer or multi-layer welding bead welding.
2)Linear reciprocating strip method. Such method is characterized in that the welding speed, weld is narrow, fast heat dissipation, applicable to sheet or joint gap larger multilayer welding of first layer bead.
3)Saw tooth movement. Welding, welding rod end as saw tooth shaped continuous swing and move forward, and pause for a moment at the sides to prevent biting edge. This method is easy to master, in the production of more applications.
4)Crescent transport method. The welding pool has a long time, it is easy to slag and gas separation, and the weld quality is high..
5)Oblique triangle strip method. This method can be used to control the melting of the metal by the welding rod.
Good shape, suitable for T joint welding and overhead welding and provided with a transverse groove welding.
6)Positive triangle method. This method is able to weld the weld cross section of thick one, not easy to slag, high productivity, suitable for butt joint groove.
7)Positive circle method. Such a method of weld pool existing for a long time, high temperature, easy slag floating and gas evolution, generally used only for thick welding flat welding.
8)Oblique circle method. Such a method to control metal in the molten pool not shed, suitable for T-joint welding and welding Yang, the butt joint of the transverse welding.
9) 8 Zigzag method. Such a method can guarantee the weld edge full heating, melting uniformity to ensure penetration, applicable to the groove of the plate butt welding with


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