Gas shielded arc welding



●The unique arc striking circuit guarantees the success rate of high arc ignition, and the successful rate of arc ignition in any working condition under the technical specification is 100%, which can be matched with various forms of automatic welding special machine;

●H grade insulation, the main transformer, reactor coil using the United States DuPont Co's high performance Nomex insulation paper, high insulation strength, high temperature resistance, good dust;
●Shell protection grade IP21S, welding machine main circuit and control circuit to achieve the physical isolation, effectively prevent the main circuit of the control circuit and the influence of interference, drops, the dust of the overall structure, moisture and protection, can adapt to the harsh environment operation;
●7 to 6 minutes after the end of the welding, the main circuit is disconnected, and the loss of energy consumption is reduced;
●Unique control circuit to meet benevolence Co / MAG welding short circuit transition and transition of the jet of arc dynamic characteristics of technical requirements, welding spatter small, excellent welding performance, weld appearance;
●Improve the over flow, overheat protection, unique secondary short circuit protection function, under the condition of short-circuit obstacle unburned loss thyristors and transformer, short circuit faults remove automatically return to a normal state.
●Solid cored wire and gate.

application area

●Light industry, industry.
●Shipbuilding, automobile, construction, steel, oil pipeline etc..


Model   Unit KR-350 KR-500
control mode   -- Thyristor Thyristor
Rated input voltage, phase number -- AC380V 3P AC380V 3P
Input power frequency Hz 50/60 50/60
Rated input capacity KVA 18.1 31.9
Rated input current A 27.5 48.5
Cable input section Power input mm2 6 8
Power output mm2 35 50
Ground wire mm2 35 50
Rated output voltage V 31.5 39
Rated load duration   % 60 60
Rated output voltage V 56 66
Output current adjustment range   A 40-350 60-500
Starting current adjustment range   A 10-160  10-160
The arc current adjustment range   A 40-350 60-500
Arc voltage adjustment range   V 14-31.5 17-39
Shell protection class -- IP21S IP21S
Insulation grade -- H H
Cooling mode -- Forced air cooling Forced air cooling
Adaptive welding wire diameter (solid core) mm 0.8/1.0/1.2 1.0/1.2/1.4/1.6
Adaptive welding wire diameter (core) mm 1.0/1.2 1.2/1.4/1.6
Dimension (H xDx W) mm 376x675x747 376x675x747
Host weight Kg 138 175
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