Plasma cutting



●Light! Awesome Practical Stable

●Using pulse width control technology, stable and reliable;
●Imported raw materials, high operating frequency, small size, light weight;
●Increase the pressure by high frequency arc design, easy arc starting, wide range of current;
●Power grid adaptation ability, load rate is high, suitable for continuous operation;
●High frequency transformer adopts soft ferrite material, low loss, high efficiency and energy saving;
●Simple structure, excellent technology, durable and reliable, easy to maintain;
●Cutting current is stable, smooth.


Model   Unit LGK-40II LGK-63II
Rated input voltage, phase number -- AC220 Ac220
Input power frequency Hz 50/60HZ 50/60HZ
Rated input capacity KVA 4.9 12
Rated input current A 22 19
Cable input section Power input mm2 2X4 3X2.5
Power output mm2 16 16
Ground wire mm2 16 16
Rated output voltage V 220 240
Rated load duration % 60 60
Rated output voltage V 96 104
Rated output current A 40 60
Output current adjustment range A 20-40 20-60
Arc striking method -- Contact Contact
Shell protection class -- IP21S IP21S
Insulation grade -- F F
Cooling mode -- Forced air cooling Forced air cooling
Dimension (H * D * W) mm 280X150X260 460X210X330
Host weight Kg 7 13
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