Pulsed argon arc welding



●Digital control, so that the complexity of the parameters of the adjustment becomes simple

●All parameters can be adjusted, so that the welding parameters in your control;

●Rich waveform control, to meet the needs of a variety of welding

●Three functions of DC argon arc welding, pulse argon arc welding and DC manual arc welding are provided.
●Medium and low frequency pulse control (0.5 - 50HZ): suitable for all kinds of metal materials (aluminum, magnesium and its alloys, except), sheet and pipe of all position welding;
●The current rise and fall time control: improve the weld quality and the arc arc;
●Starting current control: to prevent the burning of the welding sheet, it can also be used to confirm the starting point.
●The output terminal uses the fast joint to make the TIG welding and manual electric arc welding to be easy to change; the direct current is connected, the back connection is easy to change;

●IGBT module, fast recovery module and other major components are all used

●When the argon arc welding, the loading rate can reach 100%.
●IGBT high frequency soft open conversion, high efficiency, small size, light weight.
●Easy arc starting, stable arc, high welding quality.
●By pulse current, pulse frequency, pulse width, the ratio of clearance adjustment can be obtained from the depth of the weld,
●Dissolution and ripple number, prolong the life of tungsten electrode


welding current:80A
Tungsten needle diameter:3mm
Electric pressure:14V
Protective gas:Ar
Pulse frequency:3Hz
Welding base metal:3mm(carbon steel)
Joint form:Pipe joint
welding current:50A
Tungsten needle diameter:3mm
Electric pressure:12V
Protective gas:Ar
Pulse frequency:3Hz
Welding base metal:2mm(carbon steel)
Joint form:Pipe joint

Model   Unit WSM-315J WSM-400J WSM-500J
control mode   -- IGBT inverter IGBT inverter IGBT inverter
Rated input voltage, phase number -- AC380V/3P/50HZ AC380V/3P/50HZ AC380V/3P/50HZ
Rated input capacity   KVA 13.4 18.4 25.6
Rated input current   A 20.5 9.6 12.6
Cable section area Power input mm2 4 6 8
Power output mm2 35 50 50
Ground wire mm2 35 50 50
Rated load duration   % 60 60 60
Rated output voltage   V 72 72 72
Output current adjustment range   A 5-315 5-400 5-500
Starting current adjustment range   A 10-160  10-160 10-160
The arc current adjustment range   A 5-315 5-400 5-500
Peak current regulation range   A 5-315 5-400 5-500
Current rise time   S 0.1-10 0.1-10 0.1-10
Current decay time   S 0.1-15 0.1-15 0.1-15
Ahead of time    S 0.1-15 0.1-15 0.1-15
A time lag   S 0.1-15 0.1-15 0.1-15
Pulse frequency   Hz 0.2-50 0.2-50 0.2-50
Pulse duty cycle   % 1-100 1-100 1-100
TIG arc ignition method   -- High frequency arc ignition High frequency arc ignition High frequency arc ignition
Power factor   -- 0.93 0.93 0.93
Shell protection class   -- IP21S IP21S IP21S
Insulation grade   -- F F F
Cooling mode   -- Forced air cooling Forced air cooling Forced air cooling
Outline dimension (WXDXH)   mm 300x610x590 300x610x590 300x610x590
Host weight   Kg 35 35 35
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