submerged arc welding



Function: submerged arc welding, carbon arc air plane, manual welding

●Soft switching inverter technology, energy saving and reliable
●The arc current and thrust current can be adjusted continuously, and the welding is stable and the welding seam is formed,Welding carbon steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel and composite copper plate
Welding position: Welding consumables:H08Mmψ4.0 Base material: carbon steel plate thickness16mm
Flux: HJ431 specification;630A 32V 40cm/min
●Diameter of welding wire≥3mm
●Arc welding arc way is compatible with arc starting arc and back arc, the success rate is high
●Light weight, small size, easy to move
●The welding wire feeding device for convenient operation, two wheel drive, flexible wire, wire to ensure stable and reliable

application area

●Light industry, industry.
●Widely used in shipbuilding, boilers, bridges, metallurgy and other industries of the general type submerged arc welding machine.


Standard configuration Optional accessories
1 sets of thick wire flat car

15 meter positive cable 1 sets

16 meters control cable 1 sets

2 meters ground cable 1 sets

Thick wire ship flat car

Light pipe welding trolley with thick wire



Model Unit MZ-800 MZ-1000 MZ-1250
Rated input voltage / frequency V/Hz Three phase 380V±10% 50Hz Three phase 380V±10% 50Hz Three phase 380V±10% 50Hz
Rated input capacity KVA 42 55 69
Rated input current A 83 83 105
Rated output voltage V 44 44 44
Rated load duration % 80 80 80
Rated output voltage % Submerged arc welding: 90 hand arc welding: 75 Submerged arc welding: 90 hand arc welding: 75 Submerged arc welding: 90 hand arc welding: 75
Output current adjustment range A 100-800 100-100 100-1250
Output voltage regulation range V 20-50 20-50 20-50
Power factor -- ≥0.88 ≥0.88 ≥0.88
Diameter of welding wire mm 3~6 3~6 3~6
Shell protection class -- IP21S IP21S IP21S
Insulation grade -- H/B H/B H/B
Outline dimension mm 767x352x757 767x352x757 767x352x757
Host weight Kg 85 95 100
Trolley parameters
working voltage DC110V Walking speed 0.2-1.5m/min
Wire feeding speed 0.3-3m/min Suitable for welding wire diameter ∮3MM-∮6MM
Lifting height of cross beam 70mm Beam rotation angle +90º
Head rotation angle 45º Welding machine capacity 6L
Inner diameter of welding wire ∮300 Disk volume 25Kg
Outline dimension 1080x480x740 Weight 55Kg
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